PowerX - Minecraft hacked Client

for Hypixel server

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Gain all features you wants

High customization

You can custom almost every function's settings.That give you the freedom to make your own configs.

Quality Bypasses

We have every function bypassed in Hypixel.Even UhcGodMode and MegaWallTeleport bypassed ever since the end of 2020.

Clean and Refreshing

We made Better Hud in newer Build. We beautified the fonts of the Hud. We may record the Clickgui in the future and we will do our best to beautify the HUD

Ready for game

Win the game easily with PowerX.With latest bypasses and Powerful Aura.That is what powerX born for.

Value your feedback

Although we are not the best, we will listen to your opinion to the maximum extent possible.

Better Performance Adaptation

Even if you run PowerX on a light laptop, you could still have a high FPS.